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im in a very difficult situation and Ive texted mental health influencers but havent gottem any advice, they are confused too.

I have a friend who likes me deeply and because i didnt want to break his heart i didnt tell him whem i started dating someone but later he checked my phone and found out. after which he has had anxiety and threatened to kill himself. it was all fine in the middle but it has started again and became of that he keeps blaming me and he is constantly needy so much so that he now feels like a burden and gives me anxiety as well and I want to leave but maybe i shouldn’t because this is all technically happening because i didnt trll him im dating and broke his trust?

I really hope you guys can help me out

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I’m in the same situation you wanna talk properly about it ? maybe something could help

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chittu_Chitresh @moon_chittu


Well it’s not your job to tell everything to your friend especially about your personal life. I will advise you to talk to some adults that are part of that boy’s life. Tell him to make a clear statement to him I am not into you .


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