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Hi… I’m in a pretty bad place right now…
So… basically I liked this guy and I confessed to him… It went pretty well…The next day he told me he liked me back… I could barely believe it and I started to imagine what it would be like if we started dating… But… a few days later I found out that… He liked someone else too… and that girl like him back… I was upset… But then after a few months there was quarantine… So i didn’t get to see him… Me and my friends did do video calls a few times but not very often since everyone was pretty busy… After a few months into quarantine I told my closest friend that I felt like my feelings for him… we’re fading away… So one day… I decided to tell him… Because otherwise I felt like I was lying to him… So I told him and he said he thinks “we’re too young to date and stuff” I was like… We’re not even dating- what are you like three?? (but i only said it inside my head) Tbh… I didn’t feel sad or anything… and now in present time if we go back to October in 2020 I found out I was bi… Well I’m still not sure about it but yeah… So I think I like this girl but the things is I feel like since I was never able to really get over my last “lover” because I didn’t get to meet new people… but I feel like because of that this girl has not really been able to enter my heart completely… and when my friends ask me who’s my crush I can’t even say anything because this girl is actually one my best friends. So I don’t really have any to help me find out if I actually like her or not…
There’s just this constant pain in my heart when I think about my “ex-lover”
If anybody knows what I’m feeling please tell me… I need help figuring it out since I can’t ask my other close friend since I don’t wanna tell her I might have a crush on this girl since I’m not sure about it yet.

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Hey. It’s completely alright. I want you to know that if you’re bi or not, whichever way is very normal.
Now in my opinion, one can figure it out only by trying it out. You can tell if you like sushi only after you’ve tried it yet right? Obviously given that you’re old enough to try it out. I just wanna let you know that the confusion is vv normal. So it’s okay, give it some time I’m sure you’ll figure it out.
As for your ex, I know it’s tough but you have to let it go. You have to let him go, and you have to let the pain go, you have to let the memories go. It’s for the best

Thanks you so much for the comforting words! I really appreciate it!
And I tried to let the memories go… for example If someone even mentions him I ignore… If I remember him in a situation I think “whatever” I try everything… but still when I think of him there’s this pain in my heart… Do you know another way I could let go?

Dont try to ignore it, if you do that then youll never let it go. Somethings I have done to get over my ex was to just get off of social media for a while and took a break from my friends. Just focused on myself and my happiness. I also use to think of the future with him in it so it was hard thinking of it without out him in it, however it did help me get over him. Its not gonna happen over night. Everything takes time. I say just try your best to focus on yourself and your happiness and usually everything just falls into place.

Thank you so much! Will definitely do so!


Time is the healer love! You can only keep on trying, hoping it’ll stop paining one day. Because you’re just beginning your life. You have so much ahead of you. So many things you’re yet to try, so many memories yet to create. Don’t let this pain stop you from living your life to the fullest
^ that’s all I think and tell myself which helps me stay on track.

Thanks so much! This is so sweet! <33