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Hi, I’m having a lot of problems related to my job. It is my first job after graduating and I find it difficult to complete tasks. It gets more challenging because I don’t like to talk with my big headed boss. When I ask a simple question he just laughs and tells that I’m very incapable of even understanding that simple thing. 7 months have passed and I haven’t improved significantly. I feel that my boss doesn’t guide me properly. He always blames me. ☹️

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aww…that’s not cool at all. that is just so horrible. I can not even imagine why someone would be so condescending. but don’t worry dear, his behaviour speaks volumes about him and not about your competency. I’m sure by now you would have tried to ask around and sought help from colleagues. but nonetheless, give that another shot, try asking different people, and the right kind of people. the kind of people that WOULD have an idea about what the job requires, as they may have done it before or been in that department before. The first job is the hardest, one is young and clueless. The right kind of guidance is so important. screw your snooty boss. you don’t give up, keep searching, keep asking around and show him what you’re made of. As long as he is not manipulating you or your work, he cannot stop you from excelling or gaining knowledge from other sources. Keep trying, stay at it, because I know you care about doing well at work, and those who care about something, they make it happen. and i really think you can. try to pay as little heed as possible to the speck of negativity , ie foolish boss. and you wrote you haven’t improved ‘significantly’ which means you have improved some. And that’s growth. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ❤️

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

Hey. I am so sorry that you are going through this. Just look at this as a rough period that will make you more resistant in the future. We must meet all kinds of people in life as these are big learning experiences.

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, please don’t get demotivated by the behaviour of others at work place. Soon, you will learn the best way to perform your job. Try to achieve goals with your efforts and hard work. All the best for your future.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

This experience will make you extremely self sufficient. If you take his statements to your heart, you will always be bitter towards your work. For now, focus on learning. Eventually, your boss will start appreciating you when he sees you can handle stress on your own. Take his behaviour as a test for your own patience and growth. Goodluck❤️


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