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I’m extremely anxious about my career. I’ve taken a gap year after my graduation, and I already have an offer for post graduation from a reputed university. But the program doesn’t start until June. I’ve done an internship and several online courses, but I feel like I’m not doing enough.
I’m extremely tired and I know I need a break before I burn out. But I feel like if I take time off, it’ll reflect badly on my CV and hurt my chances of getting a good job later on.

I’ve heard people say taking a gap year was their best decision, but I’ve never been more anxious in my life. I’ve been crying every night for 3-4 months over this, and I can’t seem to get the negative thoughts out of my head.

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Been there… Experienced it… situation is different as well as same… it will really burn you to your soul and you’ll suffer like everyday… it will be worse to see the world getting ahead of you but you’ll be stuck there thinking you are wasting everything and will get nowhere In your life… but trust me… time heals everything… sometimes its not about our own decisions but its the fate that is letting things take place like this… and fate will always lead you to exactly where you should be and where you belong… just go with the flow… I’m not saying don’t do anything… keep trying until you can’t do anything… and leave the rest to your destiny… and please don’t be like job this job that… Trust me its just we humans that rush things… Sab hojata hai yr… ye waqt bhi guzar jayega aur job bhi mil jayega… you have wayyyy more strategies to strengthen your CV… just work on that so that if you are lacking one thing, you are exceptional in all the other ones… hope that helps… and trust me on this… if you won’t believe in yourself, no one will… and that will lead you nowhere… even being responsible enough to worry about our future and career is alot of it… many people aren’t even capable of that… Best of luck


Heyyy m not d post order, but ur words realllyyy realllyyy helped me alot.
I ws kinda anxious regarding kinda same problem mentioned above & ur words calm me down.
Thankyou so much


I’m really glad it made you feel good… Life is tough but so are you… and you are facing the current situation because you were born strong enough to face it and ace it… Best of luck to you too✌️hope you do well


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