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Hi, I’m Drae (not my real name), I’m single and I’m bisexual. It’s been days since I want to open up my feelings to someone but I can’t do it even to my close friends because it has something to do with one of them, but then I happened to find this site just recently.

So here’s what happened, last week, me and my friends had a sleepover to our friend’s house because there’s an occasion. Just a small circle of friends, almost all of us were not straight too. We had a few drinks, just enough to make ourselves a lil bit crazy and sleepy lmao. After drinking, I lay in bed to relax myself and also because im already a little sleepy too, then suddenly my other friend lay in bed next to me and had me spooning him. At first I felt awkward, not because we’re friends but because I never tried cuddling with someone EVER. I’m single since birth and never had a chance to cuddle or do some sort of things a couples only do. But seconds later, I let it slide in my head, thinking its just a friendly cuddle and it’s normal to him because he’s a clingy type of person AND he has a girlfriend too (he’s not straight tho). He grabbed my arm and wrapped it to him, making me hug him that time. While me, single since birth, never tried it once, I enjoyed the feeling and I hugged him tightly as I can. Once in a while he changed his positions, like burrowing his face to my chest, feeling his warm breath. But a few hours later, I get up and lay to another bed because I felt uncomfortable due to the hotness of the sorroundings, and I dont wanna sweat in bed too. The next morning, everything is normal, we eat and we got home.

But lately, I can’t get it out of my mind, as if I’m craving that moment again, to cuddle with someone, I don’t know. I’m not in love with my friend tho, it’s just that, I missed that feeling and I can’t explain what I’m feeling right now. It’s bugging me. I don’t know.

Edit: Ever since before, I’ve been longing to try to cuddle with someone, especially with a man that almost the same as me in terms of built and size. And I’m always curious, what’s the feeling to cuddle with someone in bed? Or you know, any physical contact with someone :<

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Dude, it feels warm, like everything else doesn’t even matter because you’re not thinking about it. If it’s not right beside you, your brain doesn’t even care, so it’s easy to calm down and get unagitated. Sorry, I’m not the best with words.
Anyway, you’ll find someone for you someday, but don’t take it as a necessity. If you force something it won’t feel the same as what you want, so try and let it come naturally.
Kinda unhelpful and maybe cliche, but I do hope you try and take this without too much pessimism. Have a good life :)


Thanks for the words! Appreciated it a lot 😁

We’ll have another sleepover this december, I don’t know but I feel like it’ll happen again, the cuddle thing. Well lets just see 😅


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