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Hi, I’m currently pursuing my studies and I’m in a relationship with a guy who belong to different religion and I belong to a orthodox family, my parents came to know about my relationship with guy , its actually a long distance they have stopped me from contacting him or neither all sorts of communication with him is stopped , they keep spying me every time, still somehow i manage to talk to him and we text each other, I’m very much firm with my decision that i wann live with him, my parents are are firm with their decision that , they will end their life if I continue to stay with him, it is affected me a lot , and because of all these issues from my end , my boyfriend also gets annoyed with me , at times, he tells that i use him for a time pass and my parents are telling that i use them as a ATM machine , Im really loosing my mind not k owing what to do , my parents dont seem to be convincing at all, they are like we will decide your life. im at a situation where i need both of them what should i even do to overcome this situation

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let the things go as they are, untill you become someone whos decisions are valued. you have to mange both of them together, you can’t choose one babe.
and for that your man have to be patient and understanding. be someone valuable till then.

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Puh.tato @kumkum

I hear you. If you want to keep both of them in your life, you’ll have to manage it somehow for now. As you’re still a student, I seldom think they’ll give you a chance to decide. Study, and get a job or start earning. Once you’ll start earning, your decisions will matter too. And as for your boyfriend, tell him that you’re serious on this and you just need his support and ask whether is he serious too or not. Please be careful with all of this though


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