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I’m actually going through alot of dilemma from past few weeks , I don’t know I asked regarding this in now and me platform as well, they did try to resolve my issue , but Idk will that be effective.

I’m 21 years currently and I’m pursuing 2nd year in my 5 years law course, my parents are so strict that they have toomany conditions and they are busy building up money , they hardly get time to spend with me , the situation at my place is so toxic , I just wanna leave the place and stay alone without anyone , I always loved my company , but now the situation becoming g so toxic that I even thought of suicide many times , I’m financially not independent as well and I’m a single child as well , what am I supposed to do , I’m totally confused , plz help me 🙏🏻

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I know how does it feel…when you face these thoughts around your mind…but listen i dont know it will help you or not…but let me tell you something, our parents intention are never bad for us
They always think best for us… but in some cases their action toward that intention makes everything messed as well as toxic, so what you gonna do now this question arises…see under pressure you never gonna grow either in career nor mentally…listen their words as a words of advice not as words of command… present yourself completely don’t supress yourself infront of anyone… present your perspective your opinion, know the right and wrong for you… because if you keep suppressing yourself , its not good for you


Problem is not a question and suicide is never it’s answer.I don’t know what situation u r in but trust me it will go away.Ur parents just wanted the best for but if u don’t like the decisions they make then tell them that.Don’t give up on ur company too if like ur job fight for it.Don’t ever give up on life.U R BORN TO LIVE.


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