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Hi, I’m a university student studying in the States. I lead a comfortable life and have always had access to certain luxuries. However, as I grew older I realised that my parents have just been putting up the front of a wealthy family. My dad is a jeweller by profession who manages his boutiques in certain metropolitan cities in India. I don’t know when and how things got to the point that they did. I don’t know when I realised that my father is under tremendous debt and that my mother and father do not really get along. my mom manages some of his clients for him and they split their income likewise. for lack of any other options, my mother won’t leave my father. And instead of cutting down on expenses, they continue to spend lavishly to maintain that image. I don’t know what to do, I don’t think that they know that I know. And maybe that’s why they have been keeping it to themselves, to not disappoint me and my sister. So that we don’t feel deprived of what we’ve been used to. To be frank, I think it is a little difficult for me also to be a little conservative with my money and to think before spending, but I’m saving up and I don’t want to put any further financial burden on my family. I just hope that this isn’t the reason why my family falls apart.

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I am sure it will all work out. Please don’t think negative thoughts. All the best xx

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