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Hi, I’m a high school goer. I am introverted and shy and I don’t usually interact in class but I do my share of work specially in arts and crafts. I spend hours, sometimes sacrificing my food and sleep just to get the colours of the background right. But this other girl, who claims to be my friend, takes credit for all my work. she sits with me, helps me with math and talks to me all day and I am eternally grateful to her for that but she does this really bad thing where she says she did all the work when she didn’t. I feel terrible.

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Shruti Singh @shrutisingh

You should gather the courage to talk to her. Just confronting her about this will help the situation immensely.

No one 111 @jarul

You should call her out on it, straight up. I was a girl’s a bitch till I was in 3rd grade and then I confronted her and 10 other people for taking cred for my work and then they were all my bitches. A real conversation, about what bothers you is crucial and if she is your friend she needs to hear it. Otherwise ditch the bitch

Kashika @kashika

Oh no that’s so wrong! I know being introverted calls for being unexpressive, which is one negative quality that we introverts have to bear with, but remember, nothing would ever come in between your rights and what you deserve, okay? Let her know, yes there are people who take advantage of you and your kindness, do not let that happen. You deserve to be in the limelight.

Khushboo @khushboo

Yes, what she does is really not good. Try to put your points and confront her. Everyone should be awarded for what they does. All the best.


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