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I’m a grown 21yrs old girl and I’m going through some issues related to my romantic relationship. I was accused by my partner that I wasn’t giving him enough attention and that he felt β€˜alone’ in the relationship. However, I’ve tried all I can to show him that I love him. I shall agree that I wasn’t able to give him a lot of attention because I come from a very fucked up family and I think I’m dealing with depression too. So, my partner decided we should break up but says that he still loves me and cares about me which I do too. But he’s not willing to give us another chance. I figured what he’s doing is called manipulation. I also know what should be done to get over him but I can’t because I’m still so hopeful. So so so hopeful.

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I think if he’s not willing to give you another chance, I don’t think he still loves you contrarly to what he’s saying. I do think that he said that to make you feel bad and make you the victim, but you acknoweldge why he is upset, but, nevertheless, you have problems on your side too (you stated that you had depression and a fucked up family) so if he loved/loves you, he would understand. I know it’s kind of hard to forget him, but he’s not worthy of your time and I guarantee you that you’ll meet someone better, plus, you already know what to do in order to get over him! Don’t forget, you’re still very young! I hope this helped you :D


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