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hi i’m 40 years old i’m married with 64 years old guy been married for 9 years but i feel so lonely no children yet and i always having a guy to talk and i think my husband know that and he gave me permission if i want to meet other guys he just told me don’t forget to go back home and sometimes he talk to other girls as well and i have no problem with that and i have someone to talk after 7 months we texting and video call like everyday we shared everything and we had a plan to meet in person if we both have time…but he ignoring me for 1 week never answering my text back but he likes all my post on instagram maybe this is sounds crazy but yeah i feel bad he ghosted me i can’t sleep i can’t eat i feel like i lost someone who i really trust

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igottabekidding... @heartonthesleeve

hey, from what i gather here, you are in an emotional affair with someone outside your marriage. Since you have specified that you and your husband have no problem with this kind of open marriage, it is completely fine for you to find support, companionship and understanding outside your marriage. Also since there is an age gap between you and your husband, finding a congenial company somewhere else is completely acceptable. However, this new person in your life that you found over social media might actually not be romantically inclined. Maybe he too has reservations about meeting you in person and is having second thoughts about whether he wants to take it forward or not. You will have to grant him that space to think and decide. Even if he has shown you care and support, he is not bound to plunge into a deeper relationship. Now, because you found someone to talk to after such a long time and you talked to him/video called him so often, it might have become like a routine for you and it is hard for you to not have the same quality of interaction with him now. Probably he is ghosting you because he has sensed his inability to give you the kind of relationship you want and is trying to set a fine boundary. Please don’t let this new person become an obsession for you. Don’t addict yourself with him. What you are experiencing are withdrawal symptoms which happen when you don’t get what you expect to. Keep your calm and understand his signs. There are plenty of people to talk to and find support in. Try new social platforms like OkCupid, Bumble, Tinder, Happn etc. and explore new people.


thank you for ur advice appreciate that


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