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Hi, I’m 23F, I have never kissed or hugged a guy so far. I’ve been this ‘good girl’ that indian parents always expect my whole teenage. Now I feel like I missed out things. It’s really making me anxious. I never had my first kiss I was such a prude.
My career is going good. But I want more. I want to experience things. What do I do? Does wanting a casual relationship makes me a bad person?

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Just relax and think of it as do you really want to or it’s just everybody is into it and u r left out.If u really want to give it a try go ahead don’t overthink as if it’s a big deal just be honest to urself


You haven’t missed out on anything you are still 23 lot of things ahead you keep ur head up no need to insecure abt these stupid things … casual relationship are just common these days and no it doesn’t makes you a bad person

Diana @28princesspark

First of all NO!!! Wanting a casual relationship doezn’t make you a bad person. Also, i really hope there was a better way to put this but, i’m just gonna say it clearly, u did miss out on things, BUT,… but, but, but, but, but… I know what Indian society is like, and there are many people who have missed on such things, just because " agar kisi ko pata chal gya, to log kya kahenge" Arey hadd hai, bhaaf m jaaye yaar log, and tbh jab tak aapki job waghera na lage, ya aap college waghera ke liye bahar padhne na jao, basically just jab mummy papa ke saath reh rahr ho tab tak aa sakti hai ye problem. Par uske baad is sab pe dhyan nahi dena chahiye, kya farq padta h yaar log kya kahenge, if u have sex, boomers will call u “unsanskaari, bigdi hui” etc. etc. But if u do not have sex, milleninals and gen z will call u a pussy, so basically what i am trying to say is, kitna bhj try karo, kisi na kisi ko dikkat hogi hi, to isse accha h jo yumhe krnanh vo karo, if u wanna have sex have sex, ( just use protection and, do not get pregnant) if u wanna kiss a guy kiss a guy, if u wanna kiss a girl kiss a girl. Kiss whoever the f*ck you want to, log kya kahenge doesn’t matter!!!


I know how it’s like to be a typical indian girl. You always need to do what you’re expected of. And this might have caused you to miss out thingss.
But question if you really wanna do all those things .Don’t get yourself into stuff just because people are doing it too. And not all the people looking for a temporary relationship are the same .

So if you really wanna have one choose the person wisely .
Or maybe you’ll fall in love with someone in the mean time .And if you really feel the need of some moments in life and you feel they’re safe just go for it .
Also wanting a casual relationship won’t make you a bad person . But just make your intentions clear with the other person as well.
Also glad to hear your career’s going well.


One second, IT IS COMPLETELY OKAY . It’s never too late to explore such things. You can never force it.
If you want to experience dating THEN GO FOR IT! Casual relationships does not make you look bad or anything, unless you haven’t communicated that to your partner.
You’re still very young so do what you wanna do. It is your life and no one has the right to judge you.
Good luck!


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