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Hi, Im 22yrs old. Ever since the pandemic covid start and I work 2 months in the office and I started to work from home because of covid and that I started to feel anxious and having panic attacks whenever I start work in my shift. I work 10hrs and my schedule is night shift. The work load in my work is very stressful and my manager is always pressuring me to finished all my work before end of my shift which trigger my anxiety. Whenever I start my shift I always wish not to wake up anymore, my heartbeat beats so fast that I can’t hardly breathe normally. My hands always trembling whenever I start to open my laptop. I’m having trouble sleeping as well because I always worry what will happen next day. I always cry as well before and after my shift ends. i started to hate myself for being like this.

i sometimes seeing myself in the back of my mind that I’m in a room with no doors and windows. I can’t get out. :( I see the world black and white and there is nothing to interest me anymore. I feel hopeless and worthless. I started to hurt myself to avoid this feeling that I’m experiencing because this is new to me and I’m having a very hard time to deal with this.

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You’re saying you’re 22 years old. Let me tell the hard fact, a fresher in this world is always going to be thrown to the ground. You’re made to work as your boss tells you to.
My only suggestion is don’t let your insecurities blend with your personal life. For that I suggest talk to someone who is struggling just like you are right now.
In this world full of machinery only a friend can be a flower .
I hope you find all the happiness in the world.


Hey, i totally understand your feelings because i am going with the same… I will suggest you to see a doctor. Or you can take online consultation… I am also taking medication… And its really working… You should go with it and i promise it will feel really bttr… Plz


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