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hi im 22 and iv been in an online relationship with a boy for about 5 years now the 6 year which is now has been on and off and hell call me up saying i love yoou and i need you and wake up in the morning and leave the call and wont even say i love you back , yesterday particularly he said he missed me so much and wanted to spend time i agrreed bot after two hours he was coldd and distant but at night he wanted to sleep on call with me, so i asked him if he was drunk and he said he was jus sad and on new medication, so yea he says i love you and its later replaced with i was drunk or sad i know u might its clear that theres nothing left but iv loved this boy for so long im saving to see hjim he lives in a different country i feel really stupid my friends dont wanna talk about this no one does i feel alone, but its happened so many times that i feel almost numb but still over the edge that i might get replaced i just love him im sorry it hurts

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Just leave that guy
Try to move on
Try to avoid him
Or block him
Do something productive
I knw its very very hard but its possible
And good for you
You deserve way better
There is nothing left to talk to that guy
Bcz he is just using u when he wants

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Just try one time and put everything in this time and still if he doesn’t Try than leave him by saying nothing, no explanation or anything. This way you will have a mental peace of voluntarily leaving the bad person and this will make him wonder what happened. This will kill him probably


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