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Hi… I’m 21 yrs old. And I just want to be happier, calmer, less overwhelmed but I don’t know how??

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Dhadkan @angel14

Hey dear 😇 …look we need to realise that everything in this world keeps changing …
So the only to have permanent peace is to find it within 😌😌😌

I don’t know about your background much…or why u r feeling this way but…see dear there is one thing which will always give u all these things

It’s worked for me so I’m telling u 🤗🤗😇…just do some charity or help someone around u …it will give u a lot of inner peace 😌😌😌

Also talk to friends or someone u feel home with 🌈😽… keeping yourself social is also another factor 😇😇😇.


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