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Hi. I was scrolling through Facebook and someone posted that the virus, COVID 19 is one years old today. How crazy is it that we’ve all been hanging in there (like that cat poster in The Goldbergs) for a year?!

I’m not sure where in the world everyone is - but here in the UK, it’s been stressful. We see a lot of three groups of people - 1. Believes the pandemic is real and abides by the guidelines. 2. Its a hoax - flouting the guidelines and 3. Believes that the government(s) are trying to control us. Regardless of which three groups you are in, just know that we’re all struggling.

A lot of people in the world are feeling alone and anxious about the whole situation but it will get better - it’ll just take some time.

I know for myself, I’ve lost a few friends because of their views; people that I’ve supposed to have been friends with for 14 years. I’ve been to their weddings, birthday parties, etc. One of them, helped raise his wife’s youngest son when he was four years old and he’s now 21… so yes, its definitely been a difficult year; even for me. It’s made me feel lied to and at a loss; heartache isn’t just about romantic relationships but even for those whom you felt close to.

2020 has been a crap shoot of a year and we all need to be there for one another. I’m desperately trying to hold onto that fact and I hope you all do too.

Write what you feel - share your feelings and ask questions if you need advice. We are here. For you. For each other.

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Akash Dalal @skybroker

indeed my friend, the year is being more strange and unpredictable. i feel the same as you do. yet the most amazing part is you are not giving up on yourself. thank you for taking care of yourself.
please be safe n keep in touch.
take care. good night. 💝


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