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Hi… I want to know how shall I tackle loneliness ? I don’t have anyone to share my feelings with and I always look forward to having that someone in my life who understands me and the things that I’ve gone through. Though I don’t think I’ll find someone now because I am a student , and I’ve definitely given priority to my studies… but still, sometimes I do feel very lonely. I’ve tried focusing on my work, or spend time watching movies or doing something else , but I’m tired of these temporary measures. Please help !
Thank you

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I love to stay alone
But hate feeling lonely
I love have to tons of room
But hate feeling empty

Loneliness isn’t when you alone
It is a state of our minds
When there are fear inside alone
And tears outside your eyes

you can talk to me
yes even I give too much time to studying
but i do realize that
Studies was meant to help people
people weren’t made to study
you come first

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ooh a poet! I haven’t seen one since quarantine


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