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Hi. I wanna get some knowledge here. Searching online has completely made me confused about contraceptive pills. It’s not that I had unprotected sex but I just wanna know more for the future.
After having unprotected sex, which pill should I take and how many times? Would be better to know specific brands.


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Go for the original I-Pill, take it immediately after unprotected sex. Just 1, I-Pill is enough. The more you delay taking the pill, the less effective it becomes. Try not to depend on contraceptives like these, it harms your body in the long run if taken often. Try switching over to birth control or just simply use protection. Be safe! ?


I think there’s an Ipill and another 72 something that work well but I’m not sure how many times you should take those.


The first thing that comes to my mind is I-Pill. And as Gaurvi mentioned, Unwanted 72. Not sure how they work. You’ll need to research well.


It is not accurate to seek information on contraceptive pills online. It messes your hormones, no one but your gynaec would be the right person to comment on this. I was on contraception for treating PCOS and it did affect my body in a lot of ways. Medical advice is extremely subjective and differing from body-to-body.