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Hi i tried from my life i have married in 17 year old… now i m 23 when i was 17…i was in class 11 i was having childishness…thts way i run away nd married…i hve completed 12th, diploma now i m studying btech…in new clg by mistake i full in a complicated relationship…other side i m married…my husband got to no about my 1 week affair…i told him to forgive me…bt he told me you hve to leave clg…bt study is my dream…1/4 part of my life…don’t no what to do now…after meeting every one in clg…i want to complete my dream nd to be as they r enjoying the life and the clg life…i want to fulfil my career…what should i do…do i leave everything…nd only concentrate on my career

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Quite complicated situation

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