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Hi…I think I m a useless girl…I don’t have any talent…I m not beautiful not intelligent …also I m very poor…no one value me and no one gives me time …I feel very bad 😭…I think I m in depression…my ex broke up with me few days ago…he just said that his feeling had changed …he is very handsome and rich that’s why he said u don’t deserve me…I m totally broken…bt I want to do big in my life I want to earn more BT no one is with me for guide me …I want to earn in crores … could it be possible?.. could my dreams be fulfilled??

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first accept yourself, then people will accept you. I know how it is, but you need to stay strong and stop living for others. 😄


Yeah crore is small amount you are saying…u deserve more…just work on yourself get one skill, become expert of it…and teach it to others for money…simple


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