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Hi, I need some advice… I have been dating a guy for 7 1/2 months and I have never been to his place or met any of his friends or family. Ever since we met we have spent 3-4 days a week with each other and 5 months ends I let him come over to my place and he has met some family and friends of mine. He reason for me not comes to his place is he has an Aunt who is 67 years of age and is partially paralyzed and out of respect he doesn’t let anyone come over I understood that in the beginning but now it’s going on 8 months and I still haven’t been over or met anyone I fill at this point he hiding me and hiding something… I just want some advice on this…

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I am not a professional at this type of situation. But, as a guy, I agree with you that he may be hiding something from you, or hiding you in general. So, you could take my word for it, or not. You could give him an ultimatum: let you visit and meet his family, to clean out the thoughts in your mind. I’m sure his reasonable, if he blames you that you don’t trust him, then something is up that needed to be known.


Rule number 1 (and 2, 3 and 4) for relationship issues is to talk to your partner.
This is so easily said, but so hard to do sometimes. Everyone feels nervous about what the reaction will be to what they say, but more often than not the reaction is perfectly fine, and you get this topic out in the open instead of bottled up in your head.
In the worst case, and he reacts badly, I think this is something you are better off knowing now rather than another 7 1/2 months. Relationships grow and mature, but the best ones, for both people concerned, are based in honesty and trust.
So to open the conversation all you need to do is sit him down and say that something has been troubling you, it’s probably nothing but you care about him so you need to talk.


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