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Hi, I need advice… I am currently taking care of my mother who is ill. I have spend a year now at home 24/7 with her since I’ve been out of school. I have gave up so much, which I don’t mind… But it’s taking a hold on my mental health and I don’t know what to do. If my mother was getting better I wouldn’t be so upset but she’s getting worse and sitting, watching her… basically die away is so hard. And it’s effecting my little brother also. And my family members aren’t helping but I can’t say anything bc they pay the bills since I stay home with my mother. I am confused bc I suffer from depression and day by day I am going further away from God and its all scaring me, if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Post anonymously?

It is pretty hard to advice anything about the situation you are facing in your life.

Faith and hope weakens at certain point when we run out of all viable options. All I can say is stay positive as you are until now and meantime prepare yourself to face the future because your present actions will decide your next course of life.

You are mentally strong and I appreciate it, just hold on and this time shall pass too.

Take care of yourself!


you should be super proud of what you are doing taking time out of your daily things to look after your mother. i can see how looking after her 24/7 can have a great impact on your well-being. school is still so important and with your schedule trying to balance it is a struggle. do you think you and your family could afford putting her into a care home? if you feel like your comfortable with looking after her then that’s okay, obviously you just want the best for her. putting her in a care home keeps both of you safe as you could go back into school , look after yourself and she would be in a safe place. it would really be terrible to watch your mother pass away right in front of you but i hope you know that you gave up so much for her and that she would be extremely proud of you. sorry if my response was unhelpful i am just trying to help. ❤️ i love you and your mother i’m wishing all the best for you both x