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Hi i m divya i m definitely going through some shit rn i want to talk but its to tough for me now to even talk when one thing goes right other falls i m so tired i m a very sensitive human being . I want someone who understands me i want noone apart from that. I came to this site cauz i felt someone would really understand me. My own personal life and family life both is fucked up. If someone could talk please then

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Wanderer @wanderer_

Hey, calm down
You can talk

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Riya Ghosh @riyaghosh

We all are here to help you only. Don’t hesitate to share anything. Maybe we can make you feel better, so speak out:)


I need your help


Hii divya,this side sahil hope u will be fine… may i know what is going on with u i will be more than glad to talk to u …


Hey so talking bout my family life my dads going through cancer for last 2 years he got first diagnosed incorrectly then he got diagnosed with 4 th stage cancer… and everything was going but then a day before yesterday we got to know the cancer is now in brain… i dont want to loose my father … i m 18 years old … when i was 13 we got to know my nanu had cancer he is well now for 2 years we also fought that as he was at my place only… then after that my dadu died because of cancer that was a major loss for me as he was very attached to me it took me 2years to realise that he has gone and now my dad i dont want to loose him rn … its all being so scary i m so dead from inside… i dont know how to feel or write up… well i would say the bonding between me and my dad wasnt that good in earlier years its been 2 years that we r good … idk what to say he is the one whom i love the most i dont want to loose him … my health is really fucked up i cant open up to my friends nothing its being burdened now in my chest i thought talking to someone who wouldn’t judge would get me out of this as tbh i have been in depression for months earlier because of some other issue and its hell as scary


When i talk bout my own life i m a very sensitive emotional girl … who loves being happy all the timeee… i have a thing that i dont like getting touched in any ways people are so bad to me these days … they have starting judging me cracking jokes on me … i have kissed like once and never madeout all i did was sexting … nd when i say no to boys and its a one way deal thing they started spreading rumours bout me as if i am a slut… nobody like me nowww… recently a thing happened my bff ditched me she knew for more than 4-5 years … she told me not to sext with anyone cauz my image is bad … idk whats bad have i done … when boys sext its okay when girls want smthing everyone dename us … i mean the narrowmindness is getting so bad on me i want to be happy … i broke on jan 15 in the march i had a major breakdown i failed exams i wasnt good at anything my image was getting worse for i dont know why … i didnt get the cllg i wanted everything started getting worse … i dont know whats good in my life whats bad
I want to run away but my family holds me back… the stress is getting worse i dont cry anymore i dont give justifications i m just dead from inside:(


Yar seriously i don’t have words after seeing ur messages but u must know that we can’t stop someone to go away from us because we know then they will not come back at all and as u said ur father has cancer and i know u will getting negative thoughts daily but u can’t do anything about that just be happy and spend as much time as u can with him because at the end of the everybody has to go,like if i tell u about mine sometimes i too have negative thoughts running in my mind and they scared me alot at that moment because we love our parents alot and we don’t want to lose them so just stop thinking about that and be happy and please just forget about the other what they are saying about u because it’s human tendency to judge others but when the same thing happens with them then they relise what they did and so please stop thinking about what other think
I hope my words didn’t hurt u and if i said something wrong please forgive me
And stay stong everything will be fine 😊😊


This is tough thing i m going through ik self heal is much much needed and i m a very optimistic person i will get through this but seeing the same things daily on a daily basis dads health( i feel it is cure able) , corona , my friends shit like i cant really understand this if a person is frank it doesn’t mean ki aap kuch bhi bolte rho … i dont want to even talk to those persons i dont want too how to stop those idk… if making me bad make them gud then its good for them… my choices are now making me regret … i feel so negative wish i could over all of that…
apart from that
Thank you gyz for hearing me out :)


Yes u will get over it just stay strong may be God has something better for u just trust the process and keep going and we all are here to help u 🙏🙏


I read your messages & I must say for an eighteen year old, you are going through a lot my dear girl. Its not fair and its very hard. I cant imagine how you cope everyday. But the fact that you decided to open up here shows ur strength. Shows that you want to fight this and you want to live.
Very sorry to hear abt your grandpa & very very sad that you have go through the same again with your dad. I am sure your dad loves you & he would not want you to be sad and depressed. If I may suggest, be strong for your dad… be his support to cope this.
With regards to friends and bffs and guys… dont worry… dont stop making friends… dont stop exploring your likes and passions… people will always have opinions… it will take time but you will find people of your wavelength.

Dont be scared of making mistakes… you learn out of them…you get experiences which help you post your are 30years old… so please dont be hard on yourself.
Find time to relax… meditate may be… or draw or sing or dance… something which will let you forget all your sorrows for some time.

Take care girl XOXO


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