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Hi. I loved a boy tow years ago and at that time he didnt make a rraction to me.
But two months ago he came back and said that he was willing to be my boy friend. But Know because of corona we cant travel to eachothers town. We chat everyday but I want him in my arms. I miss him soooo much and everytime im imaging him beside me Physically. A lon distance relationship wich could be an awsome relation without the corona virus.I missed him, my University and my friends tooo much.

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Its human nature to feel there is a void in our lives, a purpose to live for. In our earlier ages, we try to define that purpose for ourselves. We try to fill that void with pleasure, greed, ambition, desire, care or whatsoever, as we grow up all of these choices tend to overpower us, bcos they have been our habbits for a long time.

It is said whatever you will want you will have it, maybe not in your life, but atleast in your mind.

Now here mindfulness is something that makes you realise that there is no void.
The void itself is a myth.


Hopefully it won’t be long untill you see each other. Fingers crossed next year hopefully will be a better year for all of us . Hope you get to see eachother soon xx


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