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Hi I just do not feel good my boyfriend is facing job related issues and financial problems …I want to help him but im a student too…he is upset all the time …I wish I could do something…I really love him

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Lameunicorn @theprecious

You can do some part time job kinda stuff and make him feel good about himself support him as much as you can

khushi bajalia @khushibaja...

I stay in hostel …there are timings of coming in so I have tried but it doesn’t work


Heyy there.
I feel you girl…
Sometimes theres nothing you can do ,you just have to sit back… the only thing you can do is be with him when he needs you the most… be his escape ,be his calm,be his companion.

He will sort it all out but he just needs you by his side. Realise this… dont guilt trip or bad talk yourself for not being able to do anything .
Try your best to make him smile even with a meme or a message…
Wish him all the best,tell him encouraging quotes .its the little things you know… If you really love him…its a phase it’ll pass but he’ll remember that you were always by his side …


I just wish everything will be over soon and we will be happy again …thank u for talking


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