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Hi ,
I have wonderful person in my life that I trust and love however I can’t tell that person how low I m feeling . not because of him, I just never been the type who shares his deep fears.
I feel my studies are a dead end, I feel like I wasted my life. I m being very difficult to deal with lately, I get angry and I snap for no reason. My partner and I just got married and he’s away in a different country, I feel left out I m afraid I m over thinking things or as if this marriage may ruin our relationship. We are amazing together but I feel like I m over thinking my studies my marriage and it’s all getting me to distance and resent him for no reason.
I feel like I have some unresolved anger surfacing

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


Calm down and bring things on a slow pace, try to think of what is making you so insecure?
And sharing it with your partner should not be a problem at all. Talk to him, and communication is the best way to. solve problems:) Whatever you are feeling, share it out!

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Yes, please share your feelings with your partner. I understand if you’re not the type of guy to share how you feel, but your partner is going to want to know how you feel, especially if you just got married. Don’t give up on your studies!!! That is very important. Take a day for yourself to relax and enjoy yourself and come back to your studies with more patience and confidence. Make sure that when you talk to your partner that you calmly tell them that you want to talk to them about something. Make sure they are ina good/happy mood when you begin so if they are stressed as well you don’t stress them out a bit more. It’s okay for your partner to be concerned about you, its all part of the marriage.
Best of luck


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