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Hi, I have been going through a very emotional phase lately because I feel like I have no friends or anyone I could be happy with but my mom. I feel lonely, almost like I will never find anyone that will love me. I think down on myself and my self esteem is really low. I feel like I’m fat and ugly even though I have been working out. I cry every night because of these things but I still manage to keep a smile on my face. My mom thinks I’m the worst even though I clean all her Airbnb for her and do door dash with her. I get criticized by her it’s almost like everything I do isn’t even because she always finds something to complain about every time I clean the airbnb. I feel empty and the only thing I look forward to is my future. I don’t look forward to anything else but that. I have nothing else to look forward to. I don’t even have a dad that genuinely cares for me. I don’t have any family around. I’m the only child. I’m all by myself and I’m lonely

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Jack @jackschaner

If you want you can rant to me haha. I want someone to talk to as well, maybe we could figure out a way to communicate? Anyways, your awesome. Dont let you tell yourself otherwise.


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