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VRINDA @diyavrinda

Hi…I have been experiencing severe mental trauma…my partner has been mentally abusive for a year ,yet I stayed in that relationship for the fear of being alone and going back to depression. Recently he pushed me down in a fight and I hit my head and he didn’t even care to pick me up…I had to pick myself up and go to the hospital. Later he had apologized a lot…I got really really attached to this person… Only for a few days …I’m able to stay without contacting him.When he contacts me …I try to go back…I am feeling worthless at this point.

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Koshaa @koshaa

Being alone is much better than being with a toxic person… See this situation giving you suffering than how to expect healing in such negative condition… Vibes matter a lot… Wishing you a healthy and peaceful life ahead 😇🤗

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