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i feel so lonely. i have a boyfriend and i feel as if i’m draining his energy.
i have no real friends even at home me and my mum never talk . she hates me and my sisters are shouting at me to make her satisfied. i don’t know why i am the odd one here.i used to spend all day out but now through quarantine i have to stay home as i lost my job. i can’t bare it anymore. i swear i’m not seeking attention but i start thinking it is better for me to die.
could anyone please tell me how do i know if i am a bad person
please don’t ignore me

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Hi Amigo

I recently watched a documentary of a serial killer. There was one 25 year old killer who was being interviewed. We have this popular notion that killers are bad people. But are they really bad?

After I watched the documentary, I felt that the viewpoint of the killer was also genuine. He has been through a lot of turmoil in life and he is emotionally wrecked. This makes him kill people and it somehow gives him happiness. He doesn’t want to kill people. He just wants to feel happy and empowered. And murders gives him that happiness. Do you know which killer I am talking about?

Yes, he is JOKER from BATMAN. Now what does this have to do with your case? Well I don’t know you but I can definitely say that you are not a bad person at all. There could be 3 possibilities which might be the reason for all the suffering in your life:

1. You are self centrist and want too much attention: You feel what you are doing is right and people must love you for being yourself. Well, being yourself is a good thing you know. But you must also think about the people around you. People will love you only when you do what they want and you respect them. It’s very simple. Just sit with those people and ask what they want and give them what they want up to a level that is genuine. People will give you what you want.

2. The second reason might be that you think you are always right. Well let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT. You are equally stupid as every other person on this planet. You might think that you know everything but to be true YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT. That is why each and everyone is complaining about you. To solve this, instead of asking random people that whether you are bad or not, sit with your people around and ask them what behavior of your hurts them. Remove your, I AM CORRECT attitude and try to understand the people around. Use your brain and you will get all the answers.

3. The third reason could be you are emotionally weak. And as a result you run away from responsibilities. Well, do remember that if you are not responsible towards others, no one will take the responsibility of yours. And you will be left down all alone.

Take time to think in these lines and you will get the answer. Then be courageous and solve those issues. This is called MATURITY. A say will come when people will love you, respect you, understand you and care for you. And that day just come back here and give me a small thanks…!!!



Hey Friend,
You’re totally not a bad person and what happens with you doesn’t define you at all. I’m sure if you have a boyfriend, you two must be liking eachother, if you can’t talk to your mum, talk to your boyfriend, what’s thoughts with him, don’t overthink, the most common problem is overthinking. I completely understand you must be going through a lot rn, but you have to strong as this storm shall pass as well. Trust me, there’s nothing you can’t go through. With the will to do so, you will! If you’ve lost your job, trying finding another when the quarantine ends, get busy, learn new things, fuck everyone and live for yourself! Make something out of your life, I’m sure you must be having your own talents and I know this is very easy to say but it just takes one ray of courage and even if you fail to find a new job soon, don’t give up, this keeps happening, you’ll surely find one! Don’t pay heed to whatever the others say, sometimes you have to turn a blind eye to others and when you start living for your happiness, that’s when the magic starts!


1) NOBODY is a perfectly good person
2) you don’t understand or know what you did yet you are still trying to fix it.

those two things put you in my book a good person
why do you want to die
do love yourself enough
because if you don’t how can you give your best self to your boyfriend.
If you didn’t understand yet I don’t mean any offense
but that simply is not fair with you boyfriend he has invested so much in you.
What does that mean?
He LOVES you doesn’t he, so do you, don’t you?
live for him.
Also take this chance to fix things with your mom you never know when the last encounter will be she loves.
Hope you find resolve.
friends by pain.

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