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I don’t want to make people feel gloomy or make them read negative things but I do not know why I’m so sad. May be I know but I need to vent out somewhere otherwise I’ll go crazy. I feel so misunderstood all the time. I live in a huge joint family and I feel so alone. Home does not feel like home anymore. Recently a close friend just stopped talking to me because as per her I just shared my sad stories with her and not the happy. I have always been an introvert and now I feel so much more difficult to talk about my feelings thinking that people will leave me thinking I’m a cry baby. Which I am these days, I however have no control over my mind these days. I know it’s a victim mentality and I need to change it but I do not know how. My parents and siblings are extremely insensitive. And I think I’m being over sensitive these days I do not know what to do !!

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