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I don’t want to make people feel gloomy or make them read negative things but I do not know why I’m so sad. May be I know but I need to vent out somewhere otherwise I’ll go crazy. I feel so misunderstood all the time. I live in a huge joint family and I feel so alone. Home does not feel like home anymore. Recently a close friend just stopped talking to me because as per her I just shared my sad stories with her and not the happy. I have always been an introvert and now I feel so much more difficult to talk about my feelings thinking that people will leave me thinking I’m a cry baby. Which I am these days, I however have no control over my mind these days. I know it’s a victim mentality and I need to change it but I do not know how. My parents and siblings are extremely insensitive. And I think I’m being over sensitive these days I do not know what to do !!

Post anonymously?

It is common trait in most of the people to ignore someone sharing sad stories all the time. They fail to understand gravity of such feelings when over shared.

The simple and old school suggestion is to maintain a digital diary to post your feelings. At glance it seems childish, but in few days it makes you feel better. The biggest trait of an Introvert is they love to enjoy their own company.

P.S: (Look for Journee app on Android or similar on Apple store).


Thank you for the suggestion, definitely going to try this.