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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.


I don’t know where to start. I guess im on this website because I find no joy in anything i do lately. But i’m proud of myself for not feeling suicidal anymore. I feel alone although I’m surrounded with people. I don’t find life is meaningless though. Haih its hard to figure out myself actually. I’m not sure whether I can say that I’m depressed because I’m scared I won’t do justice to those who are feeling much worse than me. Its hard to go to a psychiatrist in my country. I can’t afford for a private therapy whereas government only handle serious mental illness cases. Funny thing is I’m a medical student but I can’t even manage my emotions well. Maybe I don’t have anyone to talk to. Thats all for now.

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You are medical student you know well depressed person do not have words like proud in their dictionary. Feeling lonely and joy in work can be worked out. Think in life what all activities filled you with joy dance music painting etc? Are you going for a run in morning try…Have you helped anyone may be small gesture of helping a friend or junior in their studies or talk to those invisible ones in class…you will surely get meaning of life…


I’m not aware of that. I’m sorry. I tried playing the piano, watching dramas and even hanging out with my friends. But at the end of the day, i feel exhausted doing all of those things and i feel much worse. I’m not in college right now due to COVID-19 so i cant do all of the suggested. How can i go for a morning run when I don’t feel like waking up at all


Sorry…I forgot you are feeling low how could you feel like doing anything. There is 5 second rule by Mel Robbins she was in same situation try that search on net. Listen affirmation of self love on you tube. soon you will be fine


Thank you for that. Really appreciate it.


It’s a good start. Keep sharing your emotions here.
Can we expect more thoughts from you??


If possible I hope this is a one time thing because i feel kind of ashamed that i have to resort to this platform to make me feel better. As i find there are much more people who deserve the helpful comments compare to me. Usually i’ll write it in my notes and it will go away but not tonight.


What ashamed?? no problem is small. You when feel good help someone else on this platform…square off😀


Please don’t be ashamed for expressing your own feelings. Sometimes strongest people feel powerless to their emotions and that is totally fine. Sometimes we all need help. I can see in your post that you are a strong person. It’s not you it’s just time. This Lock down period is hard for everyone. But you should pour out your thoughts. There is no one to judge you.
I also have many bad habits, i have done many mistakes but we should not forget our positive side.
You are a medical student, you can help many people at here. And doing this don’t ignore your own issues.


And you are journaling thats very good continue and review your thought patterns on and off


Never thought of it that way. Thank you for that!


Sometimes i feel like being strong is just a front i do when i talk about my feelings. I’m still not used to opening up my feelings in public. But i’ll try to help a lot of people in this platform to make myself more comfortable


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