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ElizaYee @elizayee

Hi, I don’t know where to start about me… I m a married woman with a beautiful 3-month-old baby literally full-time mom. I invested and started a trading company with my husband last 7 years ago, and the business went well.
now according to some political situation in my country, it is becoming definitely not a good place to live and do anything (Even for a child to raise), and also the inflation is so high that majorities of businesses and people stop working her and leave the country.
Due to the above difficulties and crisis in country, we look to move and settle in abroad starting from the neighbor countries to EU. But the problem is we both are own business owners and literally do not have any experiences as an employee… so I seek on the internet and also finds out freelance jobs are available… but unfortunately not suitable for me or my husband as we are a bit far from technology. The thing is that, of course we gained a lot of money from our old company but for the future we need a new and sustainable one and yet we both are also working on it.
here is my psycho … My early educational background was related to tech which is very demandable, and I fully dropped it and changed career as business own (traditional one). like no one can say what’s gon happen tomorrow, NOW I FINALLY FOUND OUT I SHOULD HAVE KEEP LEARNING AND OPPORTUNITIES That I had 8 years ago. so, I’m very depressed every time I tried to relearn the updates and feel so down. I can’t even imagine my future or my family or if I can do it.

And also found out my colleagues and friends from tech fields are now guru and seem like no worries about their futures. I am not jealous of them, but I m so sorry about myself and also questioning why I idled for solid 8 years not learning and chose the path now I am in. I mean I love my family but, I should have managed well and keep learning so that there won’t be any sorrow or down feelings like lost or dwelled.
I think I may need any suggestion to motivate me and keep on looking to way out.

Thank you. (Sorry if there is any wrong grammar or word as English is not my mother tongue)

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You just need motivation dose .


Apko help ki jarurat hai jo apko tech field mai job dilwa de then ap baki khud kr loge


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