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Hi, I broke up with my ex a few months back because he cheated while we were 5 months into long distance.
It’s the most unbelievable thing yet because the relationship was so good and mature, he was never a guy to loose his character like that but he did that and told me, that’s when we parted.
It’s been quite a few months to it but I just can’t get over him. I’ve deleted all pictures, videos of him and deleted his contact too, but it’s still so hard.
I can’t unsee him as the most perfect guy for me, despite of everything he did in the end. I even tried talking him into making efforts to make things right. It was a 6yrs relationship. But he kept saying he’s too guilty and his life is a mess so he can’t do anything rn.

More than the breakup the most painful part is how he could walk away so easily, without even giving it a real try despite of him ruining what we had. It makes me question so many things and how ill never get the answers to all that, how I’ll never be able to get the proper closure I deserve or even the peace in knowing that I could love someone and he would atleast try to win me back. I know I wouldn’t and can’t just go back to him even if he tries, but realizing that he didn’t even feel like trying hard for whatever reason, it’s so painful.
How to move on from this feeling and pain

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naintara @nain1111

I feel u sis… similar situation…

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Try to communicate with him…and ask his real motive to do cheating…talk about it and take your decision…if u r going to stay giv him assurance and please dont dig up the past


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