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Hi! I am Tridisha.I am 14 y/o.
People around me may feel that my life is happy as I always laugh and crack jokes but from inside I know that how sad I am. From my childhood, people have been saying me that I am tubelight(who understands things lately)and I am a bad dancer and they insult me .Honestly if I say I am not that attached to my family, especially my co-called mom. I don’t stuff like Mother’s day or Father’s day cuz I see my friends and relatives posting pictures of there parents and they caption It,I Love you. I never felt that I should go,hug them and wish them and something sweet,like never. I really had a very bond with my dad before my brother was born. After the birth of my brother,my life which was sad become hell in four years. My feel very unlucky but fortunately I got two best friends whom I can rely on but I don’t share my sadness with them because whenever I think about it tears comes from my eyes and I don’t want to anybody my tears . As it is lockdown , school is closed.I really feel lonely. I really don’t have any one to share my feelings.
It will be very helpful if anyone could dm on Tik Tok. @Cousins__crew

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...


Hi Tridisha, I understand what you’re feeling. Sometimes we do try to hide our real emotions through humor so that other people don’t really know what we are going through.

We are always made to believe that the family we are born into is the only family we have and we have to love them. But that’s not really true. You can have a family which you have chosen for yourself (maybe a few friends whom you consider family)

I would really suggest you to talk to your two best friends since you do rely on them. I am sure they will understand you. It’s okay to show your vulnerability to them and it’s okay to share your sadness with them.

Also, I am here to always listen to what you have to say! So, please don’t feel that you have no one to share your feelings with. I’m available here :)


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