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β€ΊAnger Issuesβ€ΊThought

Sri @sriswethagurram

Hi , I am Swetha, my brother is of 23 year old and he behaves so immatured not upto his age.He doesn’t have proper friends, and how to behave in a group of people. At rimes he gets so anxious and hyper by making weird gestures and common sense is lacking in him. My father left his responsibilities whenwe are so young. He has similar mannerisms and genes of my father is what my mom says. Could yoy please help how he can vome out of this and behave like a professional

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I am 24 and I still feel like I am 16 idk why. Maybe he is just adjusting to the fact of becoming an adult. Its really difficult for me to accept that I am adult and sometimes I do weird things too. But then I remind myself that bithch now you’re 24 get a hold of yourself.


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