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I am so sensitive nature. whenever he scolds that total day I will cry and getting thoughts to die.He will always gets angry on me for some works and scolds as him wish. Then I will get thoughts Why I have to live .Some times he behaves good then that time I will be feel life has becoming good. He has so much angry. I am not controlling his angry. In life I have to be so strong. Can you please tell me how to be strong in life?

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Listen , although I am not an expert but i can give you a advice , if he gets angry everytime it means he is very sad from inside , he need too much love , try to know the things that he love either food or anything , If it doesn’t work may be he is suffering from any anger disorder , anyhow convince him and take him to doctor, it will be better.
Never thought to die , its life … these things happen in life , just try to avoid unncessary argument with him .


Thank you for ur advice

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No man should treat you that way. What the heck? I assume you are the wife or the girlfriend? In that sense, he should not be treating you that way. Who does he think you are? He should not be releasing his anger on you. Especially in that way. If he is scolding until you have a death wish, girl you are with the wrong man!

First of all relationships should be happy. He should be loving you, caring you, hugging you and kissing you instead of releasing his anger on you.

It is not about being strong. If you want to be strong. First of all, please know who is right for you and who is not right for you. Please be with someone who truly cares about you, who really loves you, who is willing to do anything for you, who will be on your side, who never makes you CRY. Please! A man who truly loves their woman never ever treats her woman that way until they have a thought of taking their own life.

You feel good only when he is in a good mood? What??? You are in unhealthy relationship right now. Don’t you see? Please. Please. Lets say if he is in a bad mood 9/10 times and good mood in 1/10. What?

You are only going to be happy during that only 1 time? Girl No. Every relationships has their ups and downs. But your relationship is not the down. It’s called unhealthy and emotional abusing relationship. If I were you, I would have broken up with him, as soon as he scolds me or put me down! No second thought. I would break up! Because I don’t deserve that kind of shitty man.(sorry for cursing, but he deserves it)

Put yourself first. & Love yourself. You don’t deserve that type of man. You deserve way better. Please.


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