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Hi, I am so confused in my life, I haven’t discovered my interests. I feel like I want to stay in peace but my brains doesn’t support it, it keeps on focusing on so many useless things and make me fight with myself. This makes me weak. And I couldn’t find a perfect person to whom I can express it well. I think I need a good emotional friend but it’s so hard to figure out or find one.

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I feel the same; It takes time to retrain our brains to focus on positives…it’s like fighting our hard-wiring system…the stresses we deal with today are not that of centuries ago that mde us what we are today…we still do have such primal things like fight or flight that manifest as stress and it builds…it’s not that your weak…it’s hard…and you add more pressure to yourself and add to your stress…you’ll naturally.l find the things abd hobbies that you’re drawn to by being open and most importantly practicing it and not giving up…it can be anything…drawing, singing, exercise( which is important regardless and can help relieve stress) focus on what you want currently…make long-term and short-term goals…just live day by day… And shre your feelings here when necessary. Wish you much luck and take it easy on yourself.


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