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Hi i am new to this…
I just found out that my ex best friend has been spreading rumors about me and has revealed my secrets which i trusted her and now i have no idea what to do because i have literally just 1 person with me rn

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Hey! Maybe you could try talking it out with her. And if that doesn’t work , honestly, people who know you for who you are will not believe her and will stick with you no matter what. They are your true friends.
If there are people believing those rumors , then they don’t deserve to be in your life.


That is true but i don’t know who is true to me anymore cause all my “friends” Meet her secretly and they change the topic if i am around them so 🤷‍♀️


The best thing i would do is just accept that this person doesn’t need to be in your circle like what for?? this may be the hardest thing or doesnt rlly make any sense but just try to ignore it the best that you can, go on developing yourself, read a lot of books (educational,spirituality and etc.) While these people are busy talking crap about you(or maybe they are not…yk some people just doesnt care and mind their own business…there must be those kind of people in your surrounding! trust me) AND this would be rlly weird thouuugh but it will bring peace to you, forgive yourself and forgive her. Pray for her not to do this kind of thing with her other friends. Is it a loss after all? if you lose this one person that you know what you’re gonna do though, realest ones are gonna come. the ones that are the bestest are gonna come along, i promise <3 i love youuu stranger. Thiss shall past ❤️ and thanks for existing, you deserve love and care… nothing lesssssssssss!


🥺🥺tysmmm i needed thatt it’s just that she asked for a second chance and i gave it to her but like she just backstabbed me


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