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Hi I am in a lot of pressure right now as I have to decide my future career and start applying to colleges. I am not sure how thing will go, infact I am scared what if I don’t get into a good college. My parents are supportive they even agreed to my wish of studying abroad, and that makes me more scared, I always wonder what will happen if my decision comes out to be wrong. What if they take more strain on their financial condition to fulfill my wish.

I think talking to someone about this might help get a bit of stress of me!🙂

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Hey I also went through the same phase some years back but finally took the risk. If you’re feeling a bit confidant about your decision, you must go for it. For example, I always wanted to do Maths, but people said that doing a PhD in math is going to be hard. In that context, everything we want is going to be hard by some way or other. But then I decided to go for PhD. I’m not sure what’s waiting next but I must say I’m happy by the end of the day most of the time.


Thanks, that helped a lot. I guess you are right I should do what I love doing and hopefully everything will go well.😇


Heyyyy currently i am going under the same situation don’t worry about anything just take the first step choose something that you can earn from… Just take a step if you’re decision is wrong you can change it anytime you have a lot of time there’s alot of people who did study in 2 or 3 different field nothing is useless. Beside your study just look for a job that is suitable for you like part time. Okay best of luck for you future wishing you eternal happiness and success


Thanks, that means a lot.😇


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