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Amjadhusen @11amjadhusen

I am facing very terrible financial condition. I need money for rebuild my shop which is bedly hit in Frist lockdown in India. I have no other income source.i borrow money for running regularly my medical treatment. I need money for open my shop immediately.So I can earn money and paying my liabilities
I am also capable for running my psychology disease medical treatment
my own and buying my basic expenses, and growing my business.
I don’t know english well. Please ignore mistake.

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Tried any job??


I am facing sleep out ({phycology deaces}
biological clock disturb)
problem. My wake up time is let evening. Everything near me gets tied up due to covid. Whenever my wake up time was better then अचानक ही COVID ki samsya ke karan kam nahi kar पाया

Amjadhusen @11amjadhusen

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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