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Calmon Luftter @cherrybes

Hi, I am cherry.
So I am really interested in architecture, but my parents are not allowing to pursue it. They are saying there is no future in architecture. I am really stressed about this, please someone help me.
Thank you for reading.

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You may choose it only if you are so passionate about it. Also this course needs so much of hard work.

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Calmon Luftter @cherrybes

Well I am passionate about it but I can’t decide whether I should take architecture or my parents wish, it’s really challenging for me to decide.
And thanks for answering.


You may choose what you really like but just be aware that this course needs a lot of sleepless nights and efforts. Also its a bit expensive. But its fun if u love it. And about career, currently its very less paid job with lot of working hours but eventually will get better through years of experience

Calmon Luftter @cherrybes

Thanks for your advice.


Cherry, just simply go ❤…dont listen …step up and do it …parents warents wont understand until u prove…

I believe u can do it …

Calmon Luftter @cherrybes

Thank you for your support.


Yeaah . i mean am in that stage where am willing to prove my worth to my parents which they dont believe me.

So if i can fight which am passionate abt
…why cant u ?

Calmon Luftter @cherrybes

I really appreciate your support, thank you.


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