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I am around 7 years old and me and my taiji having conversation, my cousins are there also. She is telling tu bahut chant और चालक है and I am telling inside my head, woh toh खराब hota hai, so I created myself as someone who will say yes to people in everything since chant और चालक तो selfish होते है. Main वो नहीं हूं

My life become to please others, make people happy, if some is unhappy I start making saying something or doing so they are empowered or happy. I will not think about me or what I need from them.

How it is impacting in my business, I tell someone to do something which require them to stretch, either I will ask them what is comfortable to them or end up doing myself. Infact lot of time is wasted in making them understand. Which can be done straight since they are getting salary. So much of pleasing.

There is a view which I had is अपने itcha रखना selfishness है, I am creating अपनी itcha से देखो किसी क्या मिलता है और दोनों शेयर करो. Which makes me happy and others happy both, and if so. Eine don’t want to that it’s their choice… Their life.

What’s possible now is I can say anything to anyone. Which is going to be beneficial for both and I get more yes and we both feel fulfilled.

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Hello Parth, I understand your problem. But there is also a saying, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything” which means if you don’t do what you think is right, you will always feel lost and under confident.

Iska ye matlab hua ke aapko kabhi kabhi, aur business mein to specially, smartly decision lene padenge. Jo apki values hai, jo aap example set karte ho, ya fir aapke business mein aapko jaise kaam chahie, waisa kaam employee ko karna padega. Aapko usko mana karne ki zaroorat nai, but aap bohot pyaar se uska mana sakte ho kaam karne ke lie. Yehi trick hai. Ke aapko usko communicate kaise karna hai. Aapko kaam nikalwana aana chahie bas, chahe daant ke ya pyaar se bolke. Kyuki business is business. Work ethic aur commitment is very important. Aap apne decisions pe confidence rakhiye aur bas lage rahie, logo ka toh kaam hai cheezein bolna aur neecha dikhana. Aur agar aap successful hote ho tab wo aur bhi koshish karenge aapko down lane ki. It is not selfish jo aap keh rahe ho. If you cannot keep yourself happy, you will not be able to keep others happy. Aap bas doosro ki baate hi sunte reh jaoge. Suno sabki, karo apne mann ki.


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