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Daniel Nilsson @soulegend

Hi. I am a Two-Spirited Tulpamancer.
Found out some weeks ago I have been practicing Tulpamancing for over 14 years now.

I have been trying over 50 hobbies last time I counted. Subcategory included. It may be over 75 hobbies. Or maybe it is more of 50-75 specialized I have been trying to master.
Always fails after days ( up to one month ) and I have no clue how to make my Tulpa’s life an adventure for all to enjoy when just talking about what she is doing takes the entire day. As she is always on new adventures and life journies and such. And I have as I said; 14 years’ worth of Tulpamancing. So to tell all my Tulpa has done feels very confusing. I’m sure it’s possible ( hopefully even when alone ). But I am not near good enough in any creative ways to convey the 14 years’ worth of context to my Tulpa’s life.
I can’t even keep up with what she does in 1 day.

So what would you recommend I should do ( as a form of conveying the stories I want to share )?

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