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HI… I am a normal kid in my late teens… Recently, I came across many situations where I’ve cried and lost all my will power… I never get appreciation for doing my work instead my family discourages and makes an issue… the prime reason for all the turmoil going inside of my head is that I found myself to be gay… I want to tell my parents about it but have to wait cause they are phobes!! yk a typical Indian mind set… Secondly i have lost all my faith in friends as they were the ones those backbite me… So if anyone is having any opinion or ideas to overcome this situation please tell me it’d be of great help…

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candy @little

It’s ok , say it to your parents when you feel it’s the right time to say . Everything will be fine as time goes on and don’t worry about your friends leaving you , make new genuine friends and be happy … everything will be fine ok !! If u want help you can dm me I’ll help you ☺️


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