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Hi i am 16 and i feel like dying.
My grades are low i dont feel happy anyway im sad all the time and i dont feel like talking to anyone.
My parents and siblings have no connection with me whatsoever an and i am dead mentally.
I suffer from OCD one of the severe form of depression and its not curable.
I am lost and lonely in this cruel world where nothing feels good.

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Hey Buddy! I understand everything you said. Even I too feel sad and feel like not talking to anyone. But I must ask you what’s the root of your depression? Is it marks? Then it actually useless after you get a college. I have experienced it. Or it is something else? whatever the reason is there must be something you want to do in your life. Something that excites you. I too live for something. I have some dreams and I’ll make sure i’ll do it before I die. Hope you’ll start investing your time in something you like rather than feeling blue :).


Hey love !
Im a girl who is in her 20’s and believe me i was in the exact same situation i was depressed , i tried ways to justget rid of everything then i tries to be with a guy but you know wat everything failed.
After fee days i saw my self in the mirror and i was like wat mi doing man with my self den i made a decision if ni body cares about me I’ll love my self take care ofmy body take care of the little girl inside me so that one day I dnt regrer that i had a chance to save my self nd I didn’t.
U should draw take a blank paper whatever comes in ur mind draw it. If u cant wake uo rarly un morning be a night owl be creative , do exercise, listen music , let it go with the flow cuz its reality nd girl dnt worry about the marks ull get enough to make ut self happy nd dnt compare ur talent and ur self with anyone πŸ¦‹

Ash @genderbenderfender


You know, I know where you are getting to. I suffer from severe OCD, too. Everyone will not completely understand you, but I will help you. If you are LGBT, I recommend going to If not, go to the National Suicide Line. They have an online chat and phone line. In the meantime, if you are unable to those things, try to talk with your parents if they are putting too much pressure on you. They may be able to help you get a therapist. (I have one, and he isn’t always the best but he helpful.) Just take care of yourself. Have good mental and personal health. Confide in a trusted friend if you want. Additionally, it was so brave of you to open up on Now&Me. Just know that you aren’t alone. We are in this together, digitally or not.


Hi love,
I’ve been where you are, perhaps not the in same situation, but in a position where things were so bleak and overwhelming and the future seemed so dark and desolate. But I’m here today, because I chose to stay and continue. So can you. No matter how bad things look right now, this isn’t how it’s always going to be. This isn’t the end. There is so much more ahead of you, and I promise I’m not saying these words for the sake of it. I can vouch for it. Your grades don’t define your worth or your success. And you can always work on yourself and improve on your skills with time. You just have to be open to the possibility that there is hope for a better future, even if you’re unable to wholeheartedly accept right now that tomorrow might be better.


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