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hi i am 13 my name is kim and I struggle a lot with body image and weight scales and everything oh my god lets go back to months and months when i first figures how i could lose weight was exercising don’t eat 1000 calories eat 500-700 then the urge of eating at night came really bad I binged eat every night and night , i been called out by my parents that I eat nothing then eat at night , they screamed at me and said I wasn’t allowed to eat at night but that didn’t stop y urges of eating till I couldn’t walk properly because of how much food I consumed in such short ammount of time , so months had passed I went down to 112 to 98 before school could start yayyy, so my face was really thin I didn’t have much face fat like last … then everything came bad I started eating gaining and shit it hits , im gonna go back gaining 100 so I starved everyday everyday. My stomach was FLAT for the first time I actually cried of happiness i was so happy but when I ate I got bloated … that made me so unhappy and like I would exercise if I felt really guilty but ew I hated sweating so then I just like was “isnt there a thing where u binge and don’t gain weight, bulimia?” It was pretty bad first time I didn’t know but then I started doing it every week I ate upper than my average calories I puked it out and I got to 95 and I had stopped because my parents found out and they had taken away everything and I was stuck and sad for weeks but when I stopped the weight scale wasn’t looking to right it had said 98? I wasnt tracking my food my calories my pictures on my cellphone of my body wasn’t there . I today stand on the scale and it says 101 what’s going on I did everything the damage I fucking took went to waste ? So I start puking my food out again and my mom had found of , he threaten to take my phone away and never buy me anything again, and the worse part was she said to "starve myself because I’m just puking out the good food " she even made me clean up the toilet I had purge into , so it doesn’t matter anymore I will starve till I hit that number 95 and eat 500 everyday

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1. You might hate your parents for being strict but their intentions are right.
2. This isn’t the healthy way of losing weight.
3. Go to gym
4. Seek therapy ( cos you probably have body dysmorphia).


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