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Hi, hope you’re all having a good day.

I am seeking a good happy-to-listen friend here for some healthy, non toxic conversations. Anyone here?

Post anonymously?

Hi. I hope you doing good ❤️

I’m here if you want to talk.


Thank you. I feel lonely despite being surrounded by people.

I understand.
I know how that feels. I have been there.

Love yourself. Give yourself the time you deserve. Write and express yourself more. Talk to someone you trust.

It’s okay if you feel the feel right now. Everything will get better. Just give it time. Believe in yourself.
Take a break and take it day by day.
Stay strong. Have faith in yourself.

You’re amazing💕
I believe in you.

Loads of love and huggs.

I’m here for you ✨


Totally there buddy. Feel free to talk about anything you want


Thank you. It makes me feel people are there for me. Feeling lonely desoutr being surrounded is a strange feeling. How to cope with it, i don’t know.




Yes…It’s good to meet new people


I am happy to listen. You can share your thoughts or feelings with me anytime.
Here to support you and believe in you. You can open your heart to me , i won’t judge you. Stay strong and stay happy😊


That’s so kind of you. I feel so much relieved when I know there are really people who care for me.

I am all ears. I like to listen to people patiently. I can be your that friend very well, haha. 😄


Yes…I am here…Want listener and speaker who can share and listen

Hii, always here to listen to you.
Always willing for a conversation🙂

Hello there, I am here!