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Hi, hope everyone is fine!
One of my friend called me up yesterday and asked me to meet. He was once a very close friend but we didn’t speak with each other like for two years. Back then I trusted him a lot! but today I am confused to trust him back and at the same time I miss the friendship. I am not sure what will happen in coming future.

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I tell you, your confusion is really worth having. And we have to agree that with time people grow and change! So i suggest, now after 2 years suddenly you shouldn’t trust A LOT. Talk to him now, get to know if he’s same or there’s change and if you find it all Positive, you can go ahead to meet him. And there’ll be no grudges in future too. Hope you get the same friend back. Have a beautiful day ❤️

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Simran @st1199

Take your time and let things happen in flow.
You don’t need to rush to get your friend back, just slowly start a basic friendship and if you think you should meet him go ahead and see what is/isn’t same. Act accordingly.

Also, I suggest to make social distancing if you go out with him.


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