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Hi guysss I really want to vent and ask for advice here to feel free to comment :)). So it all started last week, we had a 5 day vacation on the beach and we decided to have a bar hopping on the last day. The last day arrived and I was with my aunt’s, my uncle’s, and cousins, so we went to a bar. Mind you I’m still 13 turning 14 and I have NEVER went to a bar. My cousin’s were 14 and the other is 15. But anyways, we went inside the bar and my aunt ordered this alcohol drink that wasn’t really strong so that my cousin’s and I could take a sip and just taste it. We were like singing to songs and bro I didn’t even notice I drank like 4 small cups of that alcohol drink my aunt gave me 😭😭. So I got drunk and bro I did some embarrassing things like telling my aunt’s and cousins to stay faithful, and I kept like sitting on the floor. The worst part is that I am aware of what I’m doing but somehow my brain does not think it through and I end up doing it thinking I will have no regrets 😭. After that, we went outside the bar and went to 7/11 to buy water and sober up so we could go back to the hotel. So I got sober and we went back to the hotel and I slept. The next day, I woke up and we packed up bc we were leaving that day, and when I went outside of my hotel room, I saw my aunt and uncle passing by and they looked at me so I said hi, but they didn’t respond. And when we finally arrived to my cousin’s house, we ate dinner there, and I was gonna go back home with my parents bc we live in another house, so I said goodbye to my family members and I could really tell they were disappointed with me :((. I know underage drinking is bad and I finally learned my lesson to NEVER drink until I become an adult. I feel like I did a very very big sin bc I drank alcohol and I really don’t like the feeling of my family being disappointed and a bit mad towards me. Right now we’re okay, but I can still tell they are mad at me for behaving irresponsibly and carelessly. I just really hope this moment in my life will be forgotten. I want to crawl Into a hole and never open it till everyone forgets what happened bc I really feel like I ruined my reputation Infront of my family. Please give me some advice on how to forget Abt it and learn from my mistakes :(((

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