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Hi guys

So iv’e thought a few things over, and i think it’s time to give a recap and update on my epilepsy and how my life is going with it since ove had some changes.

So, a few years ago I had a major seizure caused by my epilepsy (my first posts go into detail on this) and ive been on medication ever since.

Ive been seizure free for a few years, i think about 4 now, and recently I’ve just been changed wards and nurses; but thankfully my new nurse is lovely and it doesn’t feel like a doctor / client relationship, it’s more like friends which is more comforting to me.

Because of my medication, i have managed to avoid school affecting my good streak of seizure free. And my body has been helping me with this too.

I’m ok with answering any questions people have about my epilepsy and my life and i will have a look back in the morning when i get up to see about answering them somepoint tomorrow. I am back at school tomorrow so i do have work todo and classes to go to but i look forward to answering any questions, even if i have answered them previously :)


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